Flex-ES delivers flexible engineering services. Flex-ES is your gateway to comprehensive engineering services provided by our partners in India. Our partners have wide experience in working with European and American companies. They are experts in creating top quality designs from initial concept to production.

India has retained its position as the No.1 outsourcing destination in the world for several decades in a row now. That is because there is :

  • A strong government backing
  • An impressive IT infrastructure
  • A safe political climate
  • A vast talent pool of educated, qualified professionals

In addition India delivers 3.1 million graduates annually and has 350 million English speaking professionals. As a result, our partners can quickly provide you  the extra work force required to effectively handle your engineering projects.

Being a company incorporated in the Netherlands, Flex-ES removes the proverbial red-tape often seen with outsourcing work to India. At Flex-ES we have built strong working relationships with top quality service providers and we have a strong technical background in electronic and mechanical engineering. To ensure quality, we only work with ISO 9001 certified companies. Located in the Central European time zone we can respond quickly to your enquiries.