Due to the rapid technological changes and the changing market demands obsolescence is becoming an ever increasing issue for companies. Therefore it is important to have an obsolescence management process in place. Most companies however do not have the bandwidth to actively manage the obsolescence risks. Thanks to our Obsolescence Management consultancy services you can be sure that this critical process is taken care off. 

Our Product life cycle (PLM) process is based on the component life cycle to identify the impacts through all stages of the product’s life cycle. The major advantages of the Obsolescence Management Process are:

  • Early detection of risk components
  • Avoiding redesigns to save time and money
  • Timely schedule product updates when parts do get obsolete

The part lifecycle information database is kept up to date and the information inside is never older than 3 months. If you make use of our Obsolescence Management Services, our experts can suggest you replacements for possible risk parts which are (becoming) obsolete.

Obsolescence Management as a service

Coming soon. Planned service delivery Q4 2020.

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